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Over the last ten years, 3-D Theatricals has established itself with audiences and fans, far and wide, as one of Southern California’s premier professional theater companies. The resident company of the state-of-the-art Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts in Cerritos, CA., 3-D Theatricals has earned a reputation for fresh interpretations of Broadway shows featuring the highest caliber Broadway talent. The company seeks to provide Southern California with professional theater that includes Broadway Musicals, plays, readings, and new works. It is 3-D Theatricals’ goal to increase arts awareness throughout the community and to nurture our youth with culture and education. The company is committed to excellence and bringing new life and demand to the arts.

The company features T.J. Dawson (Producer/Artistic Director), Gretchen Dawson (Co-Founder), Daniel Dawson (Co-Founder), Jeanette Dawson (Co-Founder), Terry Hanrahan (Production Manager), David Nestor (Company Manager), Gigi Fusco Meese (Director of Community Relations), Julian Roca (Marketing/Advertising), Amber Snead (Casting Director), Eric Schilling (Warehouse Manager), Jennifer Nelson (Patron Services/Booking and Rentals Manager), and Grace Teddy (Office Associate).

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