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Acclaimed producer Allen Cheney and New York Times bestselling author Julie Cantrell launched the new book Crescendo on July 16, 2019. Crescendo marks Allen’s authorial debut, telling a story inspired by true events about his legendary grandfather, musical genius Fred Allen, who forever changed a southern town through resiliency, the performing arts, and faith.

In 1960s New York City, the emerging talent of Juilliard student Fred Allen quickly attracted the attention of RCA Records, sending the Southern boy to a realm of success he could have never imagined. As a Grammy-nominated RCA A&R producer with a career set for Broadway, Fred and his family enjoyed all the trappings of fame while living it up in the greatest city on Earth. However, it was not to last, as the selfless musician was faced with his most difficult challenge yet – to live his dreams in New York City or support his family back in Georgia.

Crescendo is published by HarperCollins Publishers

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